Sunday, April 23, 2017

Belt Testing

About two months ago, Nicholas and Mike started Taekwondo at the American Taekwondo Academy in Carrollton.  Mikaela saw one class and decided she wanted to join as well.  This past week, all three of them had their first belt testing to move up from white to orange belts.  We hope this will be another avenue of instilling confidence, leadership, discipline, athleticism, and fun into their lives.

Nicholas testing with the "Tiny Tigers" on Wednesday evening.
waiting for it to start

his main instructors, Master P and Ms. Musgrove

9 lines (using a weapon to hit a bag)



sit-ups (he had to do 5)
 Not pictured - he had to do a form of 5 moves and a jump kick on each leg.  On every section, he performed with confidence.  At the end, when presenting belts, because this is the Tiny Tigers program, Daddy was able to tie his new belt on.

getting his new animal patch (he went from turtle to tiger)

Mikaela and Mike testing on Saturday for their orange belt.  It consisted of a 2 minute run, 9 lines, form, freestyle, self-defense, and one-steps.


the judges

2 minute run

in line for 9 lines

9 lines









one step

one step

one step

getting his belt

getting her belt
Next goal is yellow.  Until then, they will keep practicing...

Monday, April 17, 2017


Easter weekend was filled with wodnerful family time and of course, egg hunts.  We were joking that we could just have a progressive hut and go from church to church all day and egg hunt for hours.  But who needs that much candy or toys?  However, we did attend two egg hunts this year.  Mike took the kids to VVCC Saturday morning when invited there by some friends  

 Saturday after lunch we colored eggs that would later make delicious deviled eggs to eat.
 Saturday afternoon we went to the egg hunt at our church which was complete with food and bounce houses.  The kids had a great time.
With her school friend, Gabi.  

Getting ready to start

 On Sunday we were to church with my folks followed by dinner at our house and a backyard egg hunt.

 Happy Easter Everyone!  May the King bring resurrection in your life!