Friday, May 25, 2018


I think every year I block out just how busy May really is, but this year has been jam packed it seems. 

May 6th we went to a Rough Riders minor league baseball game with several members in our church. 

Playing catch on the field before the game

Ryan got to throw out the first pitch

The kids have had a lot going on in the past couple of weeks it seems.  Here's the highlights. 

Nicholas' final Spanish Schoolhouse performance was May 18. 

Then the following week,  he "graduated" from pre-school.  

With Ms. Sharon, his English teacher

after graduation snack with his best bud, Elias

With director, Ms. Gaby and assistant director, Ms. Janie

With his teachers Ms. Gaby and Ms. Andrea

Mikaela's LEAP class submitted a video for the REEL Voices video contest put on by the district and they were a finalist.  We went to a Red Carpet event where they got a certificate and recognition on stage.  There are some very talented kids!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nick Turns 5

On March 18th, 2018 Nicholas turned 5.  We celebrated with cupcakes and our small group at Beaver's Bend on Saturday night at the group camp out.
with some friends at the Beaver's Bend group grill out

On Sunday, his actual birthday, we were driving back from Beaver's Bend so he got to pick the restaurant for dinner.  He chose "the place with the muffins."

family birthday dinner

On Monday, Daddy took him to get donuts to share with his class at school.  This will be his last year to be able to do that as rules have changed for public school celebrations because of allergies and such.

Then Saturday, March 24th, we had his Angry Birds inspired birthday party.  Now he says he feels five.
Angry Bird Cheese Pizza

Angry Bird Pizza 2
Angry Bird cookies, aka party favors, made by my amazingly talented friend, Shalise.

helping make pigs

testing out the slingshot

opening presents

playing with presents

the cake made by another amazing friend, Melissa 

singing time

make a wish

knock it down

it's falling

pinata time

after it was knocked to the ground, they took turns beating it

I don't have growth stats as we haven't made it to the doctor yet, but on Graemma's growth chart, he's just 1/4 in behind his sister at this age so hopefully he's going to be tall.  According to our bathroom scale he weights 39 lbs.

He is all boy.  Loves cars, balls, being destructive, and playing rough.  His imaginex toys and his legos are still his favorite toys.  He's ready to learn to read and loves coloring and looking at books.  He's a lefty in every way - writing, kicking, throwing, even using his scooter.  He's such a joy and we love having him in our family, even his big sister.